An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.
Friedrich Engels

My audience

Project management is a flexible technique which is suitable for projects and programs of any type, duration and size. I am supporting international companies with a high level of organization as well as individuals who want to advance on a personal or private level or who need advice at the implementation of their projects.

The location to provide my services can be handled flexibly: on site is as possible as remote from a distance. It depends on your wishes and possibilities.

Nevertheless, a first personal meeting to become acquainted with each other is best.

Here you can find some examples of who benefits from my services and in which situations.

  • Companies, organizations and individuals on a local and international level
  • Organization units, departments and teams in structure and line organizations
  • Temporary organization units like project teams and task forces

Further examples ...

Iris Hauck-Rameis
  • You want to establish project processes in your organization
  • You need support with a specific, complex project
  • You are looking for a temporary, external lead for an existing project team

Further examples ...